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Success Stories

In 2013 I was contacted by a local attorney with a request to consult a multi-location business operation in Central Florida.  The seller was a well-known athlete and businessman who had been running his operations “absentee”.  After several years of expansion, the business was still not profitable and he was ready to close the operations or sell them at a much reduced price based on the current lack of net income.  After a short review of his financials, I came to a very simple conclusion which saved his business and turned a negative financial situation into a positive net income basically overnight.  He now enjoys the profits that allow him his continued “absentee” operations and growth is expected to continue for many years.

In late 2014, I was referred to a café owner that was losing nearly $86,000 on gross sales of $400,000.  He desperately wanted to sell his business to get out of this situation.  After doing an in-depth review of his financials, I discovered that he had a major employee theft issue.  I instructed him to review his security camera tapes during all deliveries within the past 30 days.  Much to his amazement, he “caught” the manager “red handed” ordering inventory in and then selling it out the back door even before it hit the freezer.  Once this employee was “fired”, the business became profitable and I was able to sell the business in short order.

In early 2015, I received a call from a Kissimmee based diner.  The seller had solid gross sales, but lacked any profits from her operations.  After review of her financials and menu, I came to the conclusion that she was charging on average $1.10 too little for nearly every item on the menu.  She made the adjustment and was then able to begin taking a salary for the first time in five years.

These are just a few of the examples of issues that I have discovered and have been able to help business owners correct and in some cases these issues had been going on for many years.  In one instance most recently, an employee had been stealing product from the owner’s warehouse for over seven years.  Truly AMAZING!

The business owner “fired” the employee, hired a new accountant at my direction, increased her profits by 20% and will be listing her business for sale with me later this year at a substantial increased value.

Let me analyze your business from top to bottom to reach the highest point of profitability for your industry.