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I really enjoy helping businesses succeed! My fees are reasonable and my responsiveness to your needs is above reproach.

Most small to mid-size businesses start out with a concept or idea of opening up a business operation utilizing the past skills and experience that they gained while being employed by someone else.  This is a great training ground, but, it does not give you the knowledge to properly run an operation from the ground up.  When working for an employer, the owner of that business deals with the landlord, the attorneys, accountants, the IRS, customers, the vendors and the list goes on.  When you own the business, you are now handling all of the above and much, much more.

New business owners usually locate a retail center close to their home and approach the landlord for space that might be conducive to their new venture.  Most often this occurs without doing any in-depth research on the business category, local competition, comparable analysis or if even if this type of business can become a profitable endeavor.

I provide “RULE of THUMB” direction for the right space at the right price and at the right lease terms for your business.

For existing business owners, I will analyze what you are currently paying for the square footage that you are utilizing and verify that 1) you need that much space 2) that you are not overpaying for the space that you occupy.

It amazes me when I speak with an overall good business person that is paying “over market” rent…..in some cases even more than his/her neighbor.  Rent is the number ONE business killer, especially in a down economy. Check with me always…..before you sign on the dotted line!

I have a large network of accountants, attorneys, landlords and vendors that I know and trust.  You do not have to go into business alone, nor do you have to keep running your existing business by yourself.  I am here to help!